Welcome to the Mystics Gift Emporium!  It is my pleasure to offer you a FREE space to access resources that support you in living a Life Aligned to Purpose and Path.  This space will always be free for you to access, and periodically our team will change out the content to provide continued potent practices and frameworks to assist in your personal expansion. As well, we'll add limited time specials for many of our lower priced bundles to assist in expanding into the fullness of your Mystics Path.

We hope you enjoy this emporium and look forward to connecting with you on our Modern Mystics Institute Facebook Page and elsewhere on the interwebs.

With Gratitude,
Lindsay xo


Sit back, relax, and lean into this relaxing and inspired Mystic Alchemy Mediation with our founder, Lindsay Pera.

Energy Clearing

Enjoy this potent energy clearing meditation by Rebecca Kane to open the energetic pathways to receiving.

EFT Tapping

Feel like you simply don't have enough hours in the day to accomplish your goals?  Follow along as Claire releases the tension of "No Time" through EFT Tapping.